MK Sundlie Photography MK Sundlie Photography


Maegan Kira Sundlie is a fashion photographer creating evocative images of diverse subjects in studio and urban environments. Her photographs combine a polished commercial style with the accessible feeling of intimate portraits. Maegan is currently working and accepting inquiries in New York City.

 As a fashion photographer, I am obsessed with the provocative power of the female form, not just the allure of classic beauty, but creating images that border on the bizarre, disquieting, raw, and even incendiary. My aesthetic falls outside the boundaries of convention; I might find something sublime in the “ugly,” elegant in the contorted, beautiful in the broken. I explore femininity as performance and the various ways women balance the pressure to conform with a powerful need to express their individuality, sexuality, and truth. Though at times a dark and heavy topic, my work is marked by a dreamy, pastel palette, diaphanous fabrics, and a sense of motion, choreography, and light.